"We are to admit no more causes of natural things than such as are both true and sufficient to explain their appearances"

- Isaac Newton 

Chen Chen

📧: chen.chen.sec5@gmail.com 

I am a Ph.D. student in Computer Engineering at Texas A&M University, advised by Prof. JV Rajendran. I also closely work with Prof. Ahmad-Reza Sadeghi (TU Darmstadt) and Prof. Chester Rebeiro (IIT Madras). I received my B.S. from Purdue University. I co-organize HacktheSilicon, the world's largest hardware security capture-the-flag competitions with Intel and Synopsys.

My research area is the intersection of Hardware Security, Computer Architecture, and Machine Learning. The emergence of hardware security vulnerabilities shows that vulnerabilities are becoming more stealthy and harder to detect, epecially in large-scale designs like processors and system-on-chips (SoC). The goal of my research encompasses strengthening the security of hardware by leveraging efficient and effective techniques for the detection and mitigation of security vulnerabilities in hardware. 

Research Interests



Publications (Google Scholar)

8. DAC'24 Lost and Found in Speculation: Hybrid Speculative Vulnerability Detection [accept]

Mohamadreza Rostami, Shaza Zeitouni, Rahul Kande, Chen Chen, Pouya Mahmoody, Jeyavijayan Rajendran, and Ahmad-Reza Sadeghi

7. IEEE S&P'24 Fuzzerfly Effect: Hardware Fuzzing for Memory Safety [accept]

Mohamadreza Rostami, Chen Chen, Rahul Kande, Huimin Li, Jeyavijayan Rajendran, Ahmad-Reza Sadeghi

6. USENIX Sec'24 WhisperFuzz: White-Box Fuzzing for Detecting and Locating Timing Vulnerabilities in Processors [paper]

Pallavi Borkar*, Chen Chen*, Mohamadreza Rostami, Nikhilesh Singh, Rahul Kande, Ahmad-Reza Sadeghi, Chester Rebeiro, and Jeyavijayan Rajendran

5. DATE'24 MABFuzz: Multi-Armed Bandit Algorithms for Fuzzing Processors [paper]

Vasudev Gohil, Rahul Kande, Chen Chen, Ahmad-Reza Sadeghi, and Jeyavijayan Rajendran

4. ICCAD'23 PSOFuzz: Fuzzing Processors with Particle Swarm Optimization [paper]

Chen Chen*, Vasudev Gohil*, Rahul Kande, Ahmad-Reza Sadeghi, and Jeyavijayan Rajendran

3. USENIX Sec'23 HyPFuzz: Formal-Assisted Processor Fuzzing [paper][website]

Chen Chen, Rahul Kande, Nathan Nguyen, Flemming Andersen, Aakash Tyagi, Ahmad-Reza Sadeghi, and Jeyavijayan Rajendran

New CVEs: CVE-2022-33021, CVE-2022-33023

2. DAC'22 Trusting the Trust Anchor: Towards Detecting Cross-Layer Vulnerabilities with Hardware Fuzzing [paper]

Chen Chen, Rahul Kande, Pouya Mahmoody, Ahmad-Reza Sadeghi, and Jeyavijayan Rajendran

1. NOC'20 Bufferless NoCs with Scheduled Deflection Routing [paper]

Chen Chen, Zirui Tao, and Joshua San Miguel



Texas A&M University, USA

University of Wisconsin--Madison, USA

Purdue University, USA